Elizabeth Mae Smith SHC; ITEC; FHT



My professional background was in Social Care where I worked with homeless people in hostels and day centres, gaining extensive experience of drug and alcohol addiction, learning disability, and mental health. I have a degree in Care Management and training in Community Rights Issues. I now enjoy working with people in these situations from a renewed angle where I can offer a much deeper healing process to guide them to their full potential.

I discovered homoeopathy first as a patient and was so impressed with how it changed the course of my life for the better, as well as curing within days a long standing ear infection, I found myself sitting in Homeopathy college and knowing I had found the way forward and a subject and practice that would interest me passionately for the rest of my life.

In my work with patients I practice classical homeopathy according to my training, but I am also informed and guided by intuitions and dreams. I believe Homoeopathy requires the balance of the rational and the intuitive mind, and I like to work consciously with both aspects.

I enjoy mentoring work with patients, sometimes we are our own obstacles to cure and regular mentoring sessions to support the work of the remedy can make an immense difference. The healing process can be a labyrinth where sometimes gentle and focused guidance is needed to help the patient find their way back to full equilibrium.

I have developed a special interest in Womens ‘issues’ and enjoy working with menstrual, perimenopausal, post menopausal symptoms. Imbalance of our hormonal systems can cause anything from depression, digestive problems, hot flushes, loss of direction, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia and the list is endless. Homeopathy can provide remedies to balance and support women throughout these changes and transitions.

I practice and teach yoga and meditation, I love painting, writing, and being creative. I am also a qualified holistic massage practitioner (ITEC) and a Reiki practitioner. I am mother to two grown up children and a Grandmother.

I believe life gives us gifts and challenges and they are one and the same, my life and practice are dedicated to transforming wounds into gifts. I look forward to hearing your story and supporting your transformation.

I practice in the Remedy Centre in Wells and North Wootton, Somerset.

I am available to work on Skype or one to one consultations in either of those places. Consultation cost includes any remedies.

15 minute Skype consultation if you want to ‘meet’ and talk briefly about your needs (Free)

Adult first appointment (allow up to 2 hours) – £90

Adult follow up – £60

Child first appointment – £60

Child follow up – £40

Mentoring/coaching session – £35

Yoga meditation training session – £45 (preceded by a free 15 minute consultation to find out exactly what you need )

Concessions are available, please do not allow finances to stand in your way, do feel free to talk to me and make an arrangement.

Contact me on 07704944317  

email: lizzie@remedycentre.org