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Jane Tidiman

B.A. Hons. LBSH. SNHS.


Alongside my journey as a natural medicine practitioner I am a single parent of three lads who are now all healthy happy young men of whom I am very proud! I spend a lot of time in the summer taking my work to festivals and events where I have run Holistic  Welfare tents, and treated many different and interesting people over the years!

I make my own range of Herbwerx natural medicinal products that I sell online and at events.

I have a passion for studying and using natural medicine. I began studying herbs in the wild  about 30 years ago,researching their properties,and learning to harvest them and make my own remedies .

It was when my youngest son had a skin problem that we were prescribed harsh medicines for that I took him to the Remedy Centre. After a short consultation he was given a remedy to take over 5 days and the skin problem disappeared and never came back. Hes now 19 and has never needed to go to the doctors! It was then I decided I wanted to learn the art of Homoeopathy.

I studied for 5 years at the British School of Homoeopathy whilst volunteering at the Remedy Center to gain knowledge and insights into the running of a clinic. I also carried out my first year of supervised practice for the Remedy Center and have been a practising Homoeopath since then.

I continue to study all aspects of natural medicine. I am passionate about the ways in which all  natural phenomena are interconnected and have the potential to work as curative medicine. I see homoeopathy as a system of medicine that works within the laws of nature to stimulate and encourage the individuals own unique ability to return to health.

In the consultation we explore the patients’ whole story to gain insight into the roots of the disturbance and how symptoms affect them as an individual. We can then match the essence of the dis – ease to a remedy that will activate the healing response.

I use homeopathic remedies, herbs, and nutritional supplements, to create a set of remedies tailored for each patient. We may also discuss changes in nutrition and lifestyle that will help the process of cure.

I love working with the remedies and my ultimate goal is to increase the quality of life of my patients.

Adult first consultation             £80

Adult Follow-Up                         £50

Child first consultation             £60

Child Follow-Up                         £40

Concessions available.

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