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About Holistic Medicine

The role of medicine is to heal the patient, not to suppress symptoms. To achieve this, the physician must enquire into the full history, with the aim of supporting the patient to understand and resolve the imbalance or disturbance. This enquiry must reach into aetiology (the previous problems leading up to this one), sensation, duration, modalities (in what circumstances is the symptom aggravated or improved) and causation.

Medicines should be derived directly from nature, and their action should be gentle and non-toxic and treat the whole person, not just the presenting symptom. A living organism is not a collection of separated parts. Health is a state of balance within the environment; when we are in health, we respond to external stimuli in an appropriate way. Disease develops when this balance is disturbed. It often reveals itself in emotional tendencies ( such as increased anxiety or irritability) and functional changes (such as increased perspiration, disturbances in sleep patterns etc) before manifesting into recognisable physical pathology. The changes in function, although subtle, give the properly trained physician the information required to provide remedial support. If medicine is only geared to respond to structural change, or pathology, then the opportunity to correct disturbances gently and in a supportive and preventative fashion, has been lost.

To find out more, for a preliminary chat or to book a consultation, please get in touch with one of our skilled and professional homoeopaths. It is a voyage of self discovery in which you learn how to take charge of your own health.