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Remedy Centre

A gentle healing sanctuary in the heart of Wells


About Us

We are a team of highly skilled health professionals, providing homeopathy, psychotherapy, counselling, naturopathy, craniosacral therapy. The space is quiet and peaceful, and deeply conducive to healing.

About Natural Medicine

Any disturbance to health is a disruption of the bodies self regulating powers. Natural remedies and therapies support patients to recover and improve their health by stimulating and strengthening this self-healing power. In this way, natural or holistic medicine works in partnership with the bodies defenses and immune system.

Remedies are selected by assessing the whole situation that the patient presents, not only the presenting problem. This approach takes time, and allows the patient the space to reflect and be guided in self exploration. In our busy lives, when do we normally have the time to reflect on our life and consider past events in a careful and caring way. To solve a problem that has evolved over years or even decades, we must uncover the history of that problem.

From Uncovering to Recovering

With the correct appreciation, and the application of the appropriate remedy, even intransigent health problems will resolve, allowing a new understanding, and a deeper trust in our own selves, and in nature.